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Open minds

  • At OpenMinds we strongly believe that the key to effective and genuine integration of individuals with special needs into society should ideally begin at the nursery and school level.
    We support legitimate, self-sustainable programs that aim to integrate children with their regular peers, while meeting their specific educational, emotional and physical needs. We continuously seek and assess eligible programs to aid.
  • OpenMinds has encouraged and empowered several schools and educational institutions to create, expand, and enhance such programs by rehabilitating and equipping spaces dedicated for that purpose. By paving the way and enabling more programs to exist, we aim to encourage the growth of such settings within Lebanon and the ability to accommodate more and more individuals with special needs.

    What is now the exception should become the norm for all schools across Lebanon. Not only does this benefit the special needs individuals themselves and allows them to reach their full potential, but it also enriches the lives of the regular peers around them. In doing so, we also gently and effectively reshape the community awareness and attitudes towards challenged individuals in a healthy environment and at a grassroots level. We strongly believe that only through education and awareness can children with special needs be given equitable chances to integrate into society and succeed in life.