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10% of Children In Schools Have “Special Needs”

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Open minds

OpenMinds At a Glance

Action is needed at all levels to ensure that these special children become functioning members of our society, contributing to the productivity, general well-being, and healthy diversity of our community. This action is necessary at the level of nurseries, schools, universities and the workplace.
OpenMinds has made it its mission to support early intervention and ensure inclusivity in our society.

Our Philosophy

  • To empower and enrich the lives of special needs children, young adults, and their families through comprehensive support and integration, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  • Our vision is a world where every special needs child and young adult thrive reaching their full potential and where society embraces and values their unique abilities.

Striving to Attain Nationwide Inclusion

  • CarePlan

    The ASKC is a unique, hospital-based, multidisciplinary clinic that addresses the special needs of children in Lebanon and the region.
  • Integration

    At OpenMinds we strongly believe that the key to effective and genuine integration of individuals with special needs into society should ideally begin at the nursery and school level.
  • Awareness and Communication

    OpenMinds aims to spread awareness and acceptance of special needs throughout the community via innovative initiatives.
  • Research

    OpenMinds believes in research and has contributed to many research projects spearheaded by Dr. Rose-Mary Boustany both locally and internationally

Creating a Brighter Future Ahead