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Our Story

Open minds

  • OpenMinds is an NGO created by concerned individuals in 2012 to assist people with special needs

    We believe that concerted action is essential at all levels of society to empower special children to become productive and contributing members of the community. This action is vital not only within the ASKC but also across nurseries, schools, universities, and workplaces. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, OpenMinds aims to promote the well-being and healthy diversity of the community while addressing the unique needs of special children and young adults.



At OpenMinds we value the uniqueness and extreme worth of the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic (ASKC) to our community, and have embarked on a mission to enhance its services making them accessible to many, in order to propagate its value and benefits further into our society. We are concerned with the overwhelming prevalence of special needs amongst children and young adults today, and are troubled by this growing trend.

Our Impact

  • What we are Doing

    OpenMinds has encouraged and empowered several schools and educational institutions to create, expand, and enhance such programs by rehabilitating and equipping spaces dedicated for that purpose. By paving the way and enabling more programs to exist, we aim to encourage the growth of such settings within Lebanon and the ability to accommodate more and more individuals with special needs.
  • where we are headed

    At OpenMinds we believe that one of the greatest challenges adolescents and young adults with special needs face is becoming financially independent individuals and integrating into the workforce as productive members of society. To that effect, we launched an innovative pilot program aimed at developing into the first Job Placement Program dedicated to young adults with special needs. We partnered with the American University College (AUC) to match employment opportunities for graduates of their specialized Learning Enhancement and Assistance Program (LEAP). OpenMinds has collaborated with Step Together since 2017 in successfully training adults to become inclusive members of society through the I Can Work and I Can be Productive Programs. The programs are designed to integrate students with learning difficulties in the workplace within the community. Seeking employment as an adult with special needs is a daunting challenge. For the 5th consecutive year, the programs, developed by Step Together Association and funded by OpenMinds have managed to integrate students with special needs in actual workplaces, under the supervision of a personal coach and coordinator. OpenMinds will continue to collaborate with other institutions to ensure that young adults with special needs get integrated into society.

Our Philosophy

  • To empower and enrich the lives of special needs children, young adults, and their families through comprehensive support and integration, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  • Our vision is a world where every special needs child and young adult thrive reaching their full potential and where society embraces and values their unique abilities.