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  • Research Projects & Publications

    Saab S, Chaaya M, Boustany R-M. Prevalence and correlates of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Lebanese cross-sectional study. Autism Open Access 2018, 8:1 DOI: 10.4172/2165-7890.1000223.


    Guisso RD, Saadeh FS, Saab D, El Deek J, Chamseddine S, Abou El Hassan H, Majari G, Boustany R-M. Association of autism with maternal infections, perinatal & other risk factors: a case-control study. JADD DOI 13 January 2018,

    El-Sitt S, Soueid J, Al-Ali J, Makoukji J, Makhoul N, Harati H, Boustany R-M. Elevated ceramide in CLN3 patient and Cln3Δex7/8 mouse sera and developmental comparison of ceramide in wild-type and Cln3Δex7/8 mice. Pediatric Research, 2018 (in review PR-2018-0352).


    Saadeh F, Makoukji J, Mansour KA, El Sitt S, Al Ali J, Kinarivala N, Trippier P, Boustany R-M. Flupirtine Derivatives as Potential Treatment for the Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology 2018 (in press)


    Shbarou RM, Boustany RM, Daher R T, Pakdel P, El Eid R, Noureddine Ar, Karam PE. Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia: 14-year experience in Lebanon. 2018 (in review).


    Al-Rayess, H; Lakissian, Z; Boustany, R-M; Sharara-Chami, R. A “Snap” of Portable Media Use among Children Two Years and Younger in a Developing Country. Pediatric Research 2018 (in review).


    El-Sitt S, Al-Ali J, Makhoul N, Soueid J, BoustanyR-M. Exogenous GalCer as potential treatment for CLN3 disease (2018, to be submitted).


    Hoyek S, Boustany R-M, El-Haddad Ch. "Eye Tracking Abnormalities in Strabismic School-Aged Children and Effect on School Performance". British Journal of Ophthalmology. 2018 (in review) - ID 2018-312368


    Al-Haddad Ch; Hoyeck S; Ismail K; Abdul-Fattah M; Smeets L; Krayem M; Saade MT; Alam Ch, Shbarou Boustany R-M. Novel Paradigms for Eye Tracking and Vision Screening in Autism (submitted to Journal of Opthalmology).


    The very generous research support provided to the Boustany teams over 4 years has helped secure additional research funds!


    AUB Collaborative Research Award: Flupirtine Derivatives as Treatment for CLN3 Disease (Boustany R-M and Ghanem N). 2018-19


    National Council for Scientific Research Lebanon (CNRS-L): White Matter Tract Development in Autistic Toddlers. White Matter Tract Development in Autistic Toddlers by Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Correlation with Ongoing Therapies Hourani R (PI); Boustany (Co-PI) (Hourani R and Boustany R-M). 2018-2020


    Medical Practice Plan/URB Grants: 1. White Matter Tract Development in Autistic Toddlers by Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Correlation with Ongoing Therapies. Hourani R and Boustany R-M, 2013-2018. 2. Retrospective Cohort Study to assess the efficacy of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy with a combination of other interventions at AUBMC Special Kids Clinic: A pilot study. 2016-2018. 3. Whole-exome analysis for Lebanese autism risk variants, and functional evaluation of candidate genes. Boustany R-M (PI). 2018-2021.