Rare Disease Day

February 29 2020

Rare Disease Day

Fostering Awareness for Rare Diseases is Vital

1 in 20 people live with one.

No cure for most rare diseases exist.

Many remain undiagnosed.

Access to timely interventions and therapies is restricted.

This special day is for the public to become enlightened.

This special day is to prod researchers to investigate them.

This special day is to address needs of patients and their families.

Rose-Mary Boustany MD on behalf of the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic and OpenMinds, Lebanon.

  • Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020


We are in the throes of transformation and conflicts yet to be resolved.  These will affect all our lives in Lebanon and the region, particularly services to families in need.  The prevalence of special needs is 1/10 children in ordinary times.  During times of conflict and unrest, this figure becomes 1 in 5 children!  The new number of families with one or more children with special needs assisted by OpenMinds packages in 2019 is 75. To date, this number is now 415, with many waiting in the wings.

In 2019:



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