Meet the officers

Ghida Rabbat
Ghida holds a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut. She is co-founder and President of OpenMinds since 2013. Ghida is the mother of four children, with her youngest being a special needs boy. She has accumulated extensive knowledge on matters related to autism and special needs over the last 15 years. She completed many courses in the Son-Rise program, attended several ABA training programs and workshops, and trained in neuro-feedback therapy. She is a strong proponent of integrating special needs children in mainstream society.
Suha Beyhum
Vice President
Suha holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of Texas at Austin. Suha began her career in the petrochemical unit of Brown & Root in Houston, Texas, and has since worked in the trade and distribution fields in Lebanon. Having a son with autism, she worked for the last 20 years securing him services in Lebanon, the US, and Europe, and gained tremendous experience in various therapies and special education. Suha is the Vice President of OpenMinds and has been a member since it was founded. She is also an active member of the Lebanese Autism Society.
Hazem Farra
Hazem holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Political Science and Law and an MBA from Hult. He has worked with Capital Guidance for over 28 years. He along with the other Managing Directors have led the company to become a reputable global investment management firm. His areas of expertise are negotiations, M&A, management operations and governance systems. More recently, he has taken over the oversight of Accounting, Finance, Risk Management, Internal Audit and IT functions for the organization. Hazem has been the Treasurer of OpenMinds since its inception and has ties with several other NGOs in the region. He is also an active member of the Young Presidents Organization and the Family Business Network.
Maya Richa
Maya holds a Master’s in Money and Banking from the American University of Beirut. In 1993, she joined Saradar Bank sal for 10 years where she occupied several managerial positions. Maya has actively dedicated her time to community service working behind the scenes supporting various NGOs. Maya has been Secretary since joining the OpenMinds Board.
Rima Faddoul
Legal Representative
Rima holds a Pharmacy degree from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, and an MBA from Paris-Dauphine University. She has owned and managed her own pharmacy for over 20 years. She is the mother of three, one of whom has autism. As such, she has participated and attended many trainings and workshops on autism, advocacy and inclusive education. She has been an active Board Member of OpenMinds since it was founded in 2012.
Rose-Mary Boustany MD
Director of the ASKC
A renowned pediatric neurologist, Dr. Boustany directs Neurogenetics, Pediatric Neurology and the AUMBC Special Kids Clinic at AUB, where she oversees research/clinical programs for special needs children and adults. She is tenured Professor in Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at AUB, and tenured Professor of Pediatrics and Neurobiology at Duke University, where she headed a research laboratory until 2007. She previously co-directed the Lysosomal Disease Laboratory at Harvard until 1988. She holds 4 patents and several awards, notably the Sidney Carter Award for Lifetime Achievement in Pediatric Neurology. She completed Medicine/Pediatrics at AUB, Pediatric Neurology, Neurogenetics and Neurochemistry at MGH/Harvard Medical School, and Molecular Biology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She co-founded OpenMinds in 2012 where she serves as a board member and is on the clinical Batten Disease Support and Research Board, as well as the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Advisory Board for the MENA region.