List Achievements 2021

2021 Financial Achievements

50 New Families assisted

with packages at an average of $10,600 per package.


$75,000 Spent on research

resulting in 7 major publications in international journals.


174 scholarships awarded

across 10 schools at an average of $1,750 per student.



spent on awareness and integration including:

  • Production and launching of an awareness and donation campaign across all TV and social media platforms during world autism month.
  • Launching of a new project called “I Can be Productive” in collaboration with Step Together.
  • Sponsoring of the International Vocational education training Proposal (Bernard Graves) in collaboration with Step Together which will start in 2022.
  • Initiation of new partnerships on social media with Instashop Dubai & Nok Nok Lebanon.
  • Awareness raising collaboration with Sarah’s Bag at the Lebanese pavilion at Expo 2020, selling different items branded “I am me #special”.
  • Contribution to all of the learning resources in the launching of a new section at Makassed Lycee Khadija al Kobra, Makassed Learning Abilities Center.
  • Sponsoring 4 students with their scholarships for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Certified Behavior Analyst final exam.