List Achievements 2019

2019 Financial Achievements

75 New Families assisted

with packages at an average of $7,400 per package.


$185,000 Spent on research

resulting in 6 major publications in international journals.


54 scholarships awarded

across 9 schools and 1 nursery at an average of $2,400 per student.



spent on awareness and integration including:

  • Refurbishment and expansion of the department housing the special needs program at College Notre Dame des Soeurs Antonine.
  • Production and launching of the extensive #ana3adi communication campaign across all TV and social media platforms, urging inclusive education and employment.
  • Hosting of a crucial all day workshop addressing the employment of special needs individuals with the world leading expert Randy Lewis, in collaboration with Quest Education.
  • Completion of a 3-year training program with Trait d’Union in 15 semi private schools.
  • Continuation of the “I Can Work “ program collaboration with Step Together.