Financial Achievements

Overall Achievements To date (April 2023)

  • 01
    Over $10.5 million
    raised since inception.
  • 02
    More than 599 families
    assisted with medical and therapy packages at an average of $5,900 per package.
  • 03
    Over $1.32 million
    spent on supporting research in neurodevelopmental disorders, resulting in 50 publications in international journals, 1 licensed patent, and 1 patent filed.
  • 04
    585 Scholarships awarded
    to special needs students at an average of $1,200 per student in 10 different schools across Lebanon (since 2018).
  • 05
    $1.6 million Spent on raising awareness
    and promoting integration at all levels:

26 Schools aided and supported

in developing and expanding their special needs programs within their regular school curricula.

19 Community initiatives

including campaigns on TV and social media channels to raise awareness and to encourage inclusion in education and in employment.

6 Major international conferences

covering best practices and latest developments in all aspects of special needs support (medical, educational, behavioral, employment).

6 Major collaborations

with other NGO’s on various projects.

6 BCBA’s students scholarships

awarded to increase the availability of internationally certified professionals locally.

Overhead expenses consistently kept at less than 5%

Thank you for all the support you
have given us all these years!
Audited reports & additional documents are available upon request.
Financial Achievements