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Fostering Awareness for Rare Diseases is Vital

1 in 20 people live with one.

No cure for most rare diseases exist.

Many remain undiagnosed.

Access to timely interventions and therapies is restricted.

This special day is for the public to become enlightened.

This special day is to prod researchers to investigate them.

This special day is to address needs of patients and their families.

Rose-Mary Boustany MD on behalf of the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic and OpenMinds, Lebanon.

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OpenMinds, under the patronage of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Affairs and in collaboration with Quest Education, held a workshop on October 17, 2019 called “Hire Me”. OpenMinds invited the world renowned Randy Lewis to present ideas and to discuss various ways in which businesses could include special needs individuals in their workforce.

The workshop proved to be incredibly successful as reflected in follow up surveys conducted later. In the presence of the Minister of Labor, Mr. Richard Kouyoumjian, and a representative for the Minister of Labor, Mr. Camille Abou Sleiman, 62 attendees from 32 different companies attended the extremely informative and interactive workshop. 

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