For Employment

At OpenMinds we believe that one of the greatest challenges adolescents and young adults with special needs face is becoming financially independent individuals and integrating into the workforce as productive members of society. To that effect, we launched an innovative pilot program aimed at developing into the first Job Placement Program dedicated to young adults with special needs. We partnered with the American University College (AUC) to match employment opportunities for graduates of their specialized Learning Enhancement and Assistance Program (LEAP).  The pilot program entails close and regular follow up by AUC faculty, with both employer and employee, with the intent of providing ongoing job coaching.  Initial feedback from the pilot program has been extremely encouraging.  Both the candidates and employers have been highly motivated and encouraged.  OpenMinds will continue to develop this innovative program to its next level, in the hope of setting an example for others to follow.

In addition to our ongoing employment efforts in conjunction with the LEAP program at AUC, OpenMinds has also been witnessing successes through the FAP program established in LES in 2014.