Scholarships Awarded

OpenMinds works with families, the community, and professionals in the field of special education. Our mission is to spread awareness and to support proper education and inclusion in the community. In 2018, based on an acute demand from students and schools alike, OpenMinds established a special needs scholarship fund for families in financial difficulty. For the 2019 - 2020 academic year OpenMinds awarded 54 students scholarships in 9 schools and in 1 nursery school. In order to optimize and ensure success, the schools were chosen from those that OpenMinds had assisted and collaborated with in the past.

The total number of scholarships awarded to date is 88.

The list of Schools and Nursery are the following:

  • Shouf National College
  • Cedars High School
  • Lebanon Evangelical School for Boys and Girls
  • Little Ones Nursery
  • Khaled bin Al Waleed Al Horj Makassed School
  • Step Together
  • Collège Notre Dame des Sœurs Antonine Hazmieh Jamhour
  • Ahliah School
  • Sagesse Brazilia School
  • Heritage College
Monday, September 23, 2019