OpenMinds and CARE go live!!

 The CARE (Consultant Advocacy for Remedial Education) team, with support from OpenMinds, had an amazing summer filled with fun at a CARE summer camp catering to kids with autism and other special needs ages 9 to 21. The main objective was for a holistic experience in a structured, supportive and positive environment promoting integration of special kids into society. Young adults volunteered at CARE in order to give these special children a fun filled summer experience much, like their regular peers. Aids and special educators attended a 3-day intensive training course administered by professionals. The course covered working with special needs kids and managing their activities, in addition to first aid skills. All participants received certificates of attendance.

OpenMinds supported this wonderful activity and provided for all sport equipment, training program expenses as well as financial aid for some participants.
While in camp the students participated in an array of educational, recreational and social activities covering: social skills, educational and outdoor games, field trips, horseback riding, arts and crafts, recreational skills, swimming, sports, music therapy, cooking, and vocational guidance! To enhance the experience most activities took place in an integrated setting outside the center. The summer camp finale was a three-day sleep over at a resort in Tyre, which the children and staff greatly enjoyed.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015