Clinical Packages and Updates

In four and a half years 316 families and their children have received medical assistance with sound diagnosis, genetic cpunselling, family guidance and support, therapies and other services. The ASKC cohesive unit made up of parents, therapists, physicians, clinic assistants and nurses have accompanied special needs children on their journey of progress and joy, overcoming challenges, together.  Their celebrations, trials and tribulations are now permanently etched as a valuable measure of the ASKC-OpenMinds-Community experience.

Follow-up News-episode 3:  -Episode 1: A  2.5 year old refugee child assisted by OpenMinds since 2015 was diagnosed with Hurler disease and received  free medical care at ASKC and AUBMC.  She successfully received enzyme replacement therapy, generously donated by the compassionate care program, courtesy of Sanofi-Genzyme. –Episode 2. In 2017 she underwent a successful bone marrow transplant from her younger brother. A third pregnancy was monitored early with prenatal diagnosis generously donated by CentoGene. The parents now have a second bouncing baby boy free of disease.  –Episode 3:  In 2018, the child and her family were repatriated to the United Kingdom where she is thriving and receiving continued medical care…happy end of story.

Monday, June 4, 2018