About Openminds

Mission & Vision

OpenMinds is a fund created by parents and their friends in 2012, to assist individuals with special needs through fundraising and advocacy initiatives centered on:

  • Raising awareness & promoting integration at all levels, particularly in schools, universities and the workplace
  • Assisting families in need by helping them at the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic
  • Supporting research into neurodevelopmental and neurogenetic disorders to support and promote the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic and the Neurogenetics program at AUBMC


At OpenMinds we value the uniqueness and extreme worth of the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic (ASKC) to our community, and have embarked on a mission to enhance its services making them accessible to many, in order to propagate its value and benefits further into our society. We are concerned with the overwhelming prevalence of special needs amongst children and young adults today, and are troubled by this growing trend.

Action is needed at all levels to ensure that these special children become functioning members of our society, contributing to the productivity, general well-being, and healthy diversity of our community. This action is necessary at the level of nurseries, schools, universities and the workplace.